Buying a small apartment community... what percent downpayment is needed?

With good credit and solid income, what percent down payment would be needed to buy a small apartment complex for less than a million dollars?

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Typically 65%LTV   one of the main reasons is that when they go to re-finance to conventional we don't want them to be over leveraged, and the other reason why is if they default we need to have some skin in the game.

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Good credit and over 100k a year income so definitely looking for something other than hard money.
This loan would be for the owner of this website. I have all the hard money sources but I know little about the conforming side of things. Come on guys, who knows about conforming apartment financing? Hook me up!
I'm very knowledgeable in the conforming loans set to Fannie and Freddie standards unfortunately we don't do that I would suggest to securing hard money to acquire the property and then refinance.

75% LTV ,Very close to Bank Rate 6%-8% Depending on Debt Service and Program

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6-8%  and how many points ? - I've never heard of anyone offering HM at those Rates, my residential start at 9.75 and commercial start at 11.

What about FHA?

agency loans start at 1mm min.

my reccomendation for a purchase is to go to your local bank - chase right now is giving the best rates 3.5-4% they will go up to 75% subject to meeting their DSCR and other criteria. If you don't qualify their or they can only lend you less than you want your second option is Silver Hill Funding (shameless plug). we go up to 75% LTV as well but with looser guidelines than the banks and secondary and tertiary markets at the cost of 6-8% rate. Please reserve the hard money for a fix and flip situation only. Most banks require property stabilization anyways so don't you can buy, rehad, and then refi the property at the new value right away.


i agree

At Cherrywood Commercial Lending, on a  loan minimum of $500,000, we will lend 75% LTV, at 4.250 - 5.0% interest, minimum Debt Coverage Ratio of 1.20.

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