Hi there People,

Does anyone know of any Business transactional funders........929210 3335

dkjules@gmail.com ...thank you for your help....

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I know these guys: http://loansandbg.biz just tell them what you need.

Nancy Long FAKE!

thanks Sean...

Shame on you Shaun Tollman!

shame on you is not adequate. why don't you say something to substantiate that you and your referrals are legitimate. There seem to be quite a few questionable characters on here. And if you are not one then you should be eager to denounce the illegitimacy and differenciate yourself from them.

I don't have that time. I have nothing to gain from it. I don't have time to throw words around with jobless individuals. He has never said anything good about people's posts here and has never contributed anything meaningful so why should I bother indulging him. If I have no testimonials about the people I referred why would I bother making references to them. I am not getting anything from it. If you like use the information and if you like don't, it's your decision. But I would still advice you, it is worth a try.

Dalston, what are you looking to accomplish? What industry is the business in? How much is the monthly revenue? What type of transactions does the business do? How much does the business need?

I am direct to several business lenders and may be able to help.


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