Hello I'm seeking funding that will allow me to purchase an existing business.

The business I'm interested in purchasing is being sold for $489k and has an annual cashflow of $178k

I was a W2 employee for the last 7 years until this past march and am currently self employed. I have a credit score of 748 with a 7% debt ratio with about $40k in personal credit extended to me. 

I have approximately $120k to I'm willing to put down  

If you have a loan program that can assist me with acquiring this business lets talk 

my email is tadblackshear@aol.com 


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Los Angeles, CA

please email me directly and we can talk further 

Warm regards 

Hello Tabu, 

This is a deal i could make happen for you if you are still interested in funding. 

You can contact me directly at 



Mr Guillermo Munoz 


Sounds good! please email me your criteria for funding and we can discuss it further.

Warm Regards


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