I would like to establish several community-based broadcast television stations during the 2nd half of 2020.

Good day,

I'm seeking out any individual investor, financial institution or orgainzation (public or private) of high-net worth from the list of investors registered on this site to help me raise the necessary funds to purchase a $6.5 million commercial land that I'm looking at currently, construct a state-of-the-art, 40,000 sq ft. industrial/flex-use building for my proposed nine locally/community-based, multilingual broadcast television station business in my area of Richmond, VA, buy said station equipment, programming and et cetera in 2020.

I have a little bit of experience/expertise in broadcast television via researching and studying the current television landscape by the big five TV network affiliates and their big media giant owners in my market over the past few years. I want to offer alternatives and more choices in quality ultra low-budget, low-tier, family-oriented, health & wellness, educational, financial and lifestyle TV programming to the viewers in my area, create much needed job positions for potential qualified employees and work closely with small local area and national businesses/companies to provide a platform for them using affordable marketing steps to get their product out to new customers.

The television industry is very profitable especially through the internet. It's a lot easier to understand industry decision-making if you understand how the business of local television works. Local TV, generally, gets its revenue from 6 sources: over-the-air advertising (85%), online advertising (3%), retransmission fees (11%), mobile advertising, network compensation and other (mostly production fees, events and miscellaneous (1%)).

My goal looking forward is to have the station(s) completely operational around late 2020 - early 2021 after the U.S. digital television broadcast repack ends in early-to mid July 2020 A.D.. With the ad revenue surpluses that my television station businesses will generate, my investor(s) will see a vast return in profits through equity compensation. Both personal and business surplus assets will be used to pay back said loan. Please email me to discuss this further. Thank you.

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