Bridge Loans for 1-4 unit Investment Properties - up to 70% LTV

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Do you have anyone that would JV partnership for the 20 to 30% down?

In order for an individual or business to have an interest in a JV Partnership there needs to be a significant money making opportunity for the Investor(s). Some will JV on Fix and Flips if there is enough equity going in, but normally JV is for larger scale development transactions such as Multifamily communities, Assisted Living, or Office Buildings. The post you have responded to is for 1 to 4 unit bridge loans on properties that are already in liveable condition. 

If you have these type of loans that you want to lay off, I would have an interest in looking at them.  I am a sophisticated real estate investor seeking opportunities in real estate ventures, single or multi tenant properties and small residential income producing 

Stan Gruber


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