Who here has bought Bitcoin? Who is considering it? If so, why or why not? I am really curious about this!

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Never considered it. The "Bitcoin Craze" scares me. Not sure I am willing to risk it.

Owner of this website here... I finally broke down and made a series of small Litecoin purchases the week before Christmas. I have more confidence in Litecoin as once Bitcoin is accepted across the board, Litecoin will be the next cryptocurrency to be widespread and it has a much higher upside potential. If you, too, would like to get involved in the Litecoin/Bitcoin investment craze, just go to www.coinbase.com. There you can instantly buy or sell at any time!

I think you'll also need a crypto wallet by vexel. Have you heard about its services? OTC provides personalized services with deep liquidity for individuals and organizations who want to make large volume bitcoin trades. Hope you'll find it useful.


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