Asunción Business Center (Constrution & architecture in Paraguay - South America)

Asunción Business Center

The new corporate axis of Asunción

The concept is born from the tendency of companies and offices in the last couple years of coming out of the historic center of the city of Asunción and located themselves in residential areas with more comercial growth. These homes do not have the necessary infrastructure for a company or office; therefore, they cannot install in it in a comfortable and efficient manner. Given this development need, Capitalis developed a new concept of space for corporate buildings and offices where these companies can be installed.

This new corporate axis aims to create similar spaces like those in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires Puerto Madero, Las Condes in Santiago de Chile and Faria Lima in Sao Paulo.

The global project includes buildings in the area to meet an unmet demand for corporate offices surveyed in the market of Asunción. 
The new corporate axis Asunción Business Center has turned the area, into the largest increase in rentability of the city of Asunción.

Strategically located at the entrance to the city from the airport, where the Shopping del Sol and the Sheraton Asunción Hotel complement recreation services, food and lodging. Surrounded by a residential area of high socioeconomic status.

The Blue Tower, an innovative concept for Asuncion 

With an initial investment of $ 130 million, the largest private investment held in Asuncion, it launched an innovative real estate project that will transform the architecture of the capital.
First level Complex
The complex will have a total construction area of 220,000 m2, divided as follows:
one three-level shopping mall with a built area of ​​50,000 Mt2, where there will be approximately 150 stores;
dining and entertainment area innovators; Attractive green areas; centers for music and art exhibitions with beautiful gardens, a built area of ​​5,000 Mt2; a meeting room Mt2 1700, a parking area for the complex will feature 3,300 parking covered and developed in Mt2 120,000.
Also, the entire project will have an excellent road access, and two office buildings of 23 floors, each with a total office area of 42,000 mt2. The total project cost is estimated at $ 130 million.



The World Trade Center is a corporate building complex, which was created as an urban landmark in Asuncion, positioning it on par with the great capitals of the world.
From its development will be born a new space to work, where you can find everything that a modern city requires.

The project will be an art building complex, consisting of 4 AAA office towers, 855 parking spaces, plus a set of facilities and technology and environmentally sustainable


More than 75,000 m² of construction, will shape 4 towers of 20 floors of offices each, with 855 parking places .
The project will be an art building complex , with a system of facilities and technology and environmentally sustainable .

The four towers are built simultaneously, and will feature premium office space ready for a top-level corporate . The floors of these towers have a total of 557 m² , with free and flexible plants and which can be divided into two identical units .

The terrace
Above the ground floor of the towers 3 and 4 lies a large garden terrace incorporating commercial space services aimed at providing food and other necessities.

The parking
They are located in five underground levels , plus a 3-story building is the base of the two towers 3 and 4 , located off the square.

The roof
Each tower has a roof garden intended for common use building users .

Interesting property for sale in Asuncion. Paraguay – South America
Located in area of ​​high appreciation. 2,000 meters of the future World Trade Center project Asuncion and the prominent Blue Tower
Finca Property individualized as No. 27,589, with an area of ​​16514.56 meters squares, with 5150 m2 built, located on the Avenida Madame Lynch and Lillo.
The price is U.S. $ 10 million. It's a reasonable Price comparing with an offer that is next to the World Trade Center 21,000 meters squares traded at U.S. $ 30 million

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