Are you looking at buying and flipping single family homes single family/ Multi Family properties?

Are you looking at buying and flipping single family homes single family/ Multi Family properties but do not have the financing? We can help fund your deal.

  • advance rate - up to 80% of purchase price

  • Interest rate starting at 12% (depends on underwriting)

  • Term 12-24 months

  • Min loan amount 50K

  • 10-15 days = time to close

  • We also offer LOC that can be used for rehab costs (700+ FICO)

Contact us for details on how.

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Dear Sir:

I am a 66 yr. old disabled (SSDI) retiree whose real estate expertise has been mainly limited to SFR fix & flips. However, I recently incorporated a real estate investment company (LLC) with the mission statement of providing affordable housing for the low-income disabled, elderly, homeless and veterans and their families. With a partner who has been a top-notched General Contractor for 35 yrs., we now seek distressed multi-family properties requiring preferably, a total gut, so as to re-assure quality workmanship which is indicated by low repair & maintenance expenses.

Currently, we have two (2) 6-plexs' in Chicago and one (1) 8-plex in Florida, all bank-owned under contract.

If you might forward your parameters or requirements for funding consideration, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Will Wynn                                                                                                                                                                              941-235-2349                                                                                                                             


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