Heard No Too Many Times? New Lender With Solutions For Hard Deals -- Business AND Real Estate

Why Did You Get Turned Down?

*Bad Credit? We have solutions.

*No Credit? We have solutions.

*Not Enough Income? We have solutions.

*No Equity? We have solutions.

*Can't Verify Assets? We have solutions

*Complicated Deal? We have solutions.

*Lots of Paperwork? We have solutions

*Unusual Deal? We have solutions

*High Dollar Deal? We have solutions

*Wouldn't Pay Upfront Fees? We have solutions (as is most options have no upfront fees except direct costs like appraisals, etc).

*Not Willing To Do The Work? You're on your own here.

Basically...if you have a deal that makes sense and you're willing to make it happen, it is fundable. We specialize in outside of the box solutions.

My name is Jake Moore. I've been doing this 20+ years. Lenders come and go. They make and break promises. We've recently added a new funding partner that has been knocking deals out of the park that I've had with other lenders who could not get it done. If you've heard no...even from me...even recently...let's get on a 5 min call and see if we can now structure something for you.

Call me 314-532-0246 or email at jakemoore09@gmail.com and tell me about your project.

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