$50 Mil Funding Needed for Housing Project in India - Direct Lenders Only

Hello all!

I represent principals and am seeking direct lenders only - no brokers - no upfront fees.

This group has a successful track record on prior projects and will put in $25 Million on a total need of $75 Million.

India is now exploding with growth and this group is growing with it.  If you can fund this type of project with the principals having over 30% in the deal, please let me know and send your doc requirements.  Once we have a signed NDA, I can arrange direct introduction.


Craig Daley, Managing Partner

Interwealth Enterprises, LLC

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Here is what I have:

If you or your associates require project funding, we provide ten times cash equity funding for your projects.  This Ten Times Funding Program, as we call it, requires only 10% of the total project funding that your project requires.

The 10% cash equity is never at risk.  We provide a 110% asset-secured guarantee on cash equity.

The cash equity is placed in an escrow account with a top tier international bank.  This cash remains in the escrow account until we augment the funds by ten times the amount of the cash equity funds.  As a example, the client provides project cash equity funds in the amount of $5M.  The $5M will stay in the escrow until it is augmented by $50M.

The first round of  funding and augmentation requires approximately 90 days.  After 90 days your augmented funding will begin with 20 equal monthly disbursements from a fund control over a 20 month period.

For consideration in the Ten Times Funding Program, please submit your funding request, proof of funds for the equity funding and an executive summary of your project.

Hi Harold

I did see your posting on your program and find it very interesting.  Just a few questions, if I may.

1.  How is the initial equity "augmented" and what is the source?

2.  What are the payback terms once all distributions have been made?

I have attached an NDNC for your signature and return.  Once I have a better understanding of how this works and the signed NDNC, I will be happy to speak with the principals on obtaining a proof of funds along with providing the balance of the documents.

Thank you,

Craig Daley


We do international projects over $20,000,000 USD. With you adding 25MM ,from the offset this looks like a good project. Like to chat to go over project. With it being in India there are regulations and other things like to discuss with you to see if we can help.




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