Looking for 9 Million dollars for 300 units in Phoenix, AZ. should appraise for around 11 million based on cap rates. Loan to be short term for about 3 years then will refinance to get investors capital back. Email or post here if interested. chris@devislakend.com. Thank you.

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Will the borrowers pay Private money rates, i.e 8.99% - 9.99%, interest only, no prepayment penalty and 2.5 -3 points, term 3 years?

yes - We will pay those rates and those terms. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Please provide an executive summary for review, thank you.


Pierre McLean

Commercial Mortgage Broker

Commercial Mortgage Funding, LLC
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Email:- info@bestcreloans.com

THINK!      THINK!        THINK!

I noticed you said you wanted to refi in 3 yrs to get your investor's money
back. I also noticed you are willing to pay 3 pts at 10%. Let me show you a
little math to see if that is really what you think is best. You know your
circumstances so perhaps that is the best way but I find, often times,
people don't do the math when making decisions.

Being that you are paying back investors, I am assuming you are putting
money into the deal. However, I don't know how much so I am going to assume
NOTHING. I am also going to assume you have the cash (or collateral) to put
down 25% to achieve 75% LTC. This would get your rates down to around 4%.
Therefore, you would be saving 6%/yr on 3/4 of the money. The 25%
investment would save the 10% you would be paying if not put down PLUS 3x6%
for a total of 28%. Now this goes on for 3 yrs so 3x28% is 84%. That is the
calculations behind the interest rate.

Now lets look at the points being charged. I charge 1 pt for 75% LTC. Thus,
you would also save 2 pts on 75% of the money and 3 pts on 25%. When
applied to just the effect on putting down the 25%, ... you would be saving
3 + (3x2) for a total of 9 pts. Add the 9% to the 84% and you get 93%

But that's not all. Fast forward 3 yrs and you would be refinancing all
100% at a cost of at least 1 pt. Applying that to the 25% would be another
4 pts saved. Add 4 to the 93% and you get* 97%!

So, by the end of the 3 yrs you will have saved 97% of the 25% you put

down. *So ... at year 3 you have your money back into the hands of the

investors anyways BUT!! you only owe 75% rather than 100%.

To be mathematically correct, you would then have to figure how much
interest you would pay on that 25% until you paid off the full amount or
sold the property. But I think this should be enough to give you some food
for thought.

Basically, if you go the hard money route when you don't have to ... you
are just giving away your money for no advantage.

I know I have a math aptitude that most people don't understand. However, if you bring this to your accountant you will find that my simplified version is fairly accurate.

If you, or anyone for that matter, wishes to use someone that will stop and think about YOUR bottom line rather than MY commission, then feel free to contact me. I'd rather build long term relations than hit a homerun commission. It's just plain the right thing to do.


Jim Bigelow


PS Your email didn't work for some reason.

i have funding my email is gs@eliteglobal.biz

Are you still loking for funding?  Please email me at greg@usaccounting-lending.com.





Hello Chris,

I tried e-mailing you through the address you have provided but it was returned back to me.

My name is Kevina Litaba and I represent Kingdom Builders Financial Group, a Nationwide Real Estate Consulting Firm interested in funding all types of commercial real estate within USA and Canada. We do not ask for any upfront fees. Our projects are: Construction, Mobile Home Parks, Light Industrial, Car Washes, Warehouses, Marinas, Refinance, Automotive Services, Office Buildings, Mixed-Use Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Apartment Buildings, Auto Dealerships, Funeral Homes,   Raw Land Lots, Self-Storage Units, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels/Motels, Retail, Gas Stations, Assisted Living, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Golf Courses, Condo-hotels, Commercial Land Development, Parking Structures, Medical Facilities,  Condominiums, Oil and Gas, natural gas and Alternative Energy. Our loans are from $250K to $500MM. 

You can contact me through my direct number: 817-350-7660

Thanks and best regards.


Contact Information for Larry Perry, Seattle Funding Group; 858-751-0556 or larry@sfgfunds.com


how much are you nadding to project.

jim flynn



Well that was strange , lets see if this works, give me a call at your convenience at 623-251-1185 and lets see if we can put this together for you.


James Rohner

HI James. Can you send me a email to chris@devilslakend.com and outline what you might be able to do for this project. Thank you.


Schilken Family Investments,

I have a partner lender in Phoenix that may have interest.  Do you information for me that I can provide to them?

Diane Charles




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