Looking for 9 Million dollars for 300 units in Phoenix, AZ. should appraise for around 11 million based on cap rates. Loan to be short term for about 3 years then will refinance to get investors capital back. Email or post here if interested. chris@devislakend.com. Thank you.

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My client is a family office that would be interested in your transaction.  Please email me an executive summary at bsugar@uhlaw.com or call me at 312-977-4458.


 We can finace short term bridge loans. call or email Gary at 239-498-2520 or easyfundingsolutions@yahoo.com to discuss details

Loans will be given out to any person, group of persons, companies and corporate organisation that has the genuine proof of identification and repayment at 5% interest rate on the first 5years. Interested persons should reach me on my personal email jubril_yakub95@yahoo.com

Asalam alaikum,
Regards to your post about possible investment.I wish to bring to your notice my interest to finance the projects because i consider it as a  great business opportunity.
Looking forward for a good working relationship with you.May the peace of Almighty Allah be with you.

Al Zamil

Hi Chris,

This a project we fund for you. Please give me a call at your convenience to further discuss. Below is some information on our company for your review..

We are a well capitalized,  institutional short term lender for commercial real estate and fund projects nationwide. In 2011 The NY Real Estate Journal named our company, UC Funding “lender of the month” Unlike other lending institutions, UC Funding fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that allows it the flexibility to identify unique opportunities, develop customized financing solutions, and execute upon them quickly.  Our typical borrower is acquiring or refinancing  an asset not quite stabilized or ready for agency financing. We provide funding for TI’s, LC’s, capital improvements as well as a quick close (typically 21-30 days) We specialize in creative, structured financing and most importantly in today’s market, we provide certainty of execution!

We have funded over $300,000,000 in the last 13 months..


The following will give you an idea of what we are currently doing in the market… The link to our website: www.ucfunds.com


•           Bridge/Mezz on cash flowing assets (Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Industrial/Warehouse, Hospitality) up to 85% LTC/LTV

•           Acquisition of Notes, DPO’s,  REO’s and distressed assets (we will also lend on note purchases as well as distressed)

•           Market- Nationwide

•           Size- $3M to $40M on any one deal

•           Terms no longer than 3 years on bridge and up to 5 years on Mezz going co-terminus with the 1st

•           DIP Financing

•           Preferred Equity (90/10 deals)

•           Repositioning/Value add plays.

•           No Land and No ground up construction, although we will fund construction completions 85+ % complete.



Please give me a call at your convenience to further discuss how we can benefit you and your clients.









(For testimonials and samples of recent closings in 2012, please visit our website: www.ucfunds.com )




Tor Bye

UC Funding

CPR Capital Funding


6861 Donald Ross Rd

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


(917) 392-1816 Direct

(561) 316-8401 Office


Email: tbye@cprasset.com




UC Funding 

Hi Chris, Did you get this deal funded?

Not yet. What can you provide. Thank you.


As you know any investors and lenders want to see a Feasibility Study that is comprehensive and in this case included partnership distribution modeling as well as risk modeling such a Monte Carlo simulations provided by an unbiased, insured, experienced, third party. 

I would be pleased to help you.  Please view my company website at http://www.wert-berater.com.

Our studies cover every aspect of risk, not only market and financial, but site, cost and management.  An appraisal is not a feasibility study and as we are all aware, the appraisal philosophies are flawed.

We are professional feasibility study providers and have completed many projects in the Southwestern States of the USA.  If you would like to speak concerning your project, please call me at 1.888.661.4449 or email at dsafranek@wert-berater.com

I have four projects in Arizona at the moment:

  • A Critical Access Care Hospital  FS for USDA
  • A General Hospital FS for USA
  • A retail development FS for investors
  • A limited service hotel FS for SBA

I am pleased to provide extensive references and sample reports.

Thank you!

Donald Safranek

Wert-Berater, Inc.



I tried to contact you by the email that you provided but the message bounced back.so send the correct email address to me so that we can start the diligence as time is of essence.

Al Zamil

Email me at tnjenterprises@sc.rr.com

tried to email you and your email came back. jim flynn



★Commercial Real Estate Funding★ ★NO HASSLE FUNDING★
★Flexible Terms★:


MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP and our affiliates are able to facilitate NO HASSLE FUNDING for BUSINESS OWNERS!


Perfect for Investors looking to Refinance existing real estate assest you currently own to obtain funding for other projects you are working on.

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.Same day approvals and closing within 20 business Days!! Call or email us today for an application.


Not known to many business owners and commercial real estate investors is the availability of Private Capital for business purposes in the form of Collateral based loans. Business and real estate owners can get a loan for as little as $5,000. We can lend up to $10,000,000 strictly based on the asset or collateral value of commercial real estate. We use methods to determine funding amounts such as credit card sales, accounts recievable, inventory and yes, even purchase orders, regardless of credit scores, income or financial stability.

Contact us today if you are currently looking to refinance one of the following:

Shopping Plaza, 
Strip Mall 
Convenience store (7-11); 
Department Store (apparel, 
Grocery, Supermarket; 
Light Industrial (10% 
Medical Bldg; 
Mobile Home Park, 
Office Bldg (General); 
Retail Stores ( Personal Services, Photography, Travel); 
Warehouse (Industrial),
Gas Station 
Auto Dealership, 
Medical/Dental Bldg., 
Mixed Use  

Occupancy: 85%+

1st Mtg Amount >= 750000
Interest Rate >= 5+

Contacts us Today!


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