20 hectares beach for sale near new 7 wonders of nature in the world...Invest in the Philippines

The Philippines will host the next Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation will be hosted by Philippines by 2015. You can this news at http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/729806.shtml

according to the news Palawan is the targeted Province to be the future venue of this coming event and they will need more than 60 suites to accommodate their guests and heads of states.

With that in mind, this is the best time to take the opportunity to buy a nice property located

near the new 7 wonders of nature of the world.

I am please to announce there is a 20 hectare beach land with a source of water cold spring,

a back draft forest, and a sea white sand rich in marine life located this area at Panggangan

Puerto Princesa City,Palawan,Philippines. A place to see the huge sunset and smell nature.

Here in the Philippines, if you plan to invest as a foreign investor you will have to be in a corporation to acquire the land 60% Filipino owned and 40% Foreign owned.

If any of you is interested to purchase this property, please contact me now. I am the agent

of the owner.If you are interested I will show you the powerpoint pictures...

Price of property is 4.2 Million USD. You can make it happen, with GOD all things are possible.


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