Do you have any interest in funding a light industrial warehouse which is 176,755 sq. ft on 9.38 acres? It's a purchase money loan. The sales price is $10.566m.The property appraised at $17m in all 3 phases of the appraisal - Cost Approach, Income Approach and Marketing Approach. We are seeking an investor to fund a 1st TD of $8.5m at 10.99% Interest only for 5 years. The property appraised at $17m. The property has two existing tenants. . A summary of the buyer's plan is available upon request. Time is of the essence.

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We have access to products that should fit your needs. Please feel free to reach out with anymore info you may have. 

Jonathan Casillas

Foxworth Commercial Capital Sales Director

O: 800.278.1239 ext. 700

C: (919) 901-0872

Conference Line 1-302-202-1108 (156465) 

Private Funding for Projects: $10 million to $5 billion

What is the buyer bringing to the deal?

Please send me the buyers plan, maybe we can help you with this.  Hope you give us a chance.

Reggie Truss

Phoenix Global Finance


The $1MM dollar question here is how much capital (CASH) is coming from the sponsor.

Send over buyers plan, PFS, financials on subject property, 3 yrs P & L's, rent roll and sales contract to

ThunderRock Capital Companies

Michael Burrett

Please send me a Funding Package via email.

 I hope all is well.  I saw your loan request and I believe I can get your loan funded ASAP.

If your interested please email myself an Executive Summary on your Loan Request / Project 

and we can move forward.  I'm not a direct lender but I work with many Lenders that can fund any

loan once you qualify.  These Lenders Charge No Upfront Fees.  Also I have a Lender that is willing 

to JV with Clients if needed to get your project funded,  this lender also provide Down payment for 

your loan if you qualify.  This Lender require you to be able to show you have some money in the 

bank / you must have some skin in the game and you must have experience or someone with you 

with experience involve with your project.  This Lender has programs that runs as high as 90% 

LTV to 100 % funding ETC.  If your ready to move forward let myself know.



M.Builders & Merchant Investment

Marvin Benjamin


Hello.  Are you still seeking this funding?  If so, please email me at


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