60% Loan to Value Purchase Money - This commercial building is 688 square feet and sits on a 22,904 square foot lot which provides plenty of parking. Borrower has excellent credit and is purchasing this commercial property as an investment.

I sell to principals only.

Type of Loan:                               1st Trust Deed

Property Type:                              Commercial/NOO

Square Footage;                           688 Sq. Ft.

Lot Size:                                        22,904 Sq. Ft.

BPO;                                             $289,000.00

Leverage:                                      60% LTV

Loan Amount:                                $173,400.00

Interest Rate                                  12.00%

Monthly Payment:                         $1,734.00

Term:                                             120 months

Prepayment Penalty:                     6 months


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I might be able to assist.

David Kindopp ~ Independent Mortgage Broker             

Private money/hard money for 15 years ~

4% and 5% (quasi-institutional) money for quality commercial projects    


voice: 916-222-5687  fax: 916-644-6278
e-mail  hardloans@yahoo.com  


$75,000 to $5,000,000 ~ or more 

(as low as $30,000 in California)

Website: http://icloseprivatemoneyrealestateloans.com/David_Kindopp.html        

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-kindopp/12/33/974

David Kindopp is a scam. He also has profiles under the name Jason Dillard

Hi Jackie

Just saw your post. Please give me a call I may be able to help in your funding request.

Ann O'Rourke



Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.is a private investment bank with an active real estate finance division. Contact me for your funding needs.

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
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I offer wide range of financial services to interested customer seeking loan to finance their expenses. My service is due at a very low & minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs. If you need a quick loan get back to me ASAP.


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