12 Property Purchase need 80% LTV close in next 60 days with 3 strong Guarantors

My two partners and I are looking to purchase 12 properties for $735,000 here before year end.  We need to find a lender that will do 80% LTV for a 3-5 year term minimum.  We are very strong Guarantors and are purchasing this based on strong cash flow and plan to buy and hold in the short term.  Please let me know if you can help us out or need any additional information.

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5.25% - 6.875% range... 

Typical Terms: 

5 years Fixed 5-year Swap - Non-recourse 60% 1.2x 30 yr 
5 years Fixed 5-year Swap - Full recourse 75% 1.2x 30 yr 
10 years Fixed 10-year Swap - Non-recourse 60% 1.2x 30yr 
10 years Fixed 10-year Swap - Full recourse 75% 1.2x 30yr 

First Mortgage Lien or Deed of Trust 
$400,000 to $30,000,000+ 
Partial releases for homes sold 
Portfolios of 1-4 SFR, rental homes/condos/multifamily 
Approved LLC or other commercial entity 
Up to 75% of BPO/appraised value 

Please contact me floresjavier00@gmail.com if this helps.

Javier Flores

Hi JJ -

Are you still currently looking for financing?  If you are, contact me offline at richc@cressidacapital.com.



I work directly with a private investor. Here is his criteria:

Clients seeking loan pays COMPULSORY $600 loan processing/authentication fee for loans more than $15,000 upwards. For loans below $15,000, there is a $300 fee attached.
2. Clients must be employed or have a good credit history.
3. Clients must posses valid identification.
4. Minimum loan amount: $10,000
maximum loan : $4,000,000.
5. Interest rate: 4%
6. Duration: 5-6 years
7. Lend nationwide and internationally but prefer USA based loans
8. Investor will provide proof of funds

Let me know if you want to proceed forward. If so I will forward your contact information to the investor.

Best Regards,

Phillip A. Walker
Stone Creek Financial Services

i can help with your loan request, we can close this very quickly and at decent rates and terms, please send additional details of your request and i can get you an LOI within 48 hrs.

Peter Abraham
813 400-3537 office

Do you have any collateral? I have someone that will fund with 15% cross collaterization.

I have the best blanket lien/portfolio lender in the country as a client of mine.  Email me at jason@keelinternationalenterprises.com

Please contact me. I have a hedge fund that will most likely fund this for you.




Please fill this out and send me your Executive Summary and proforma and I will get you a quote within 24 hours.

Warm regards,




Please contact me at bwabrey@gmail.com

We are very creative.  Give me a call, tell me more about this deal and let develop a long term partnership.  518 728 9659

J.J, If you are still in the market for financing the 12-properties (or others), I am affiliated with a lender who will lend you 80% of your Purchase Price (along with you injecting 20%), with no problem &  they would *possibly "BLANKET" the 12-properties with ONE loan (Saving you thousands on closing costs). Closing time on S.F.R purchases normally runs 10-14 days. The only criteria I cannot meet out-Of-the-gate is the 3yr - 5 yr term. Nevertheless, an extension may be something the lender is willing to consider under the right set of circumstances or compensating factors....Let me know if indeed you are still seeking funding & I will inquire of the extension.

*(possibly - if all properties are in same State)

Kirkland Dean

Commercial Mortgage Consultant/Broker

The KAD Group


(678) 630-7086


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