Hello every one i have been asking for help on some homes that i would like to purchase and Rehab but all that that i have found are people that give me fake names and ask me for miney up front. You thank that if,i had this i would asking for help. Please is there one decent person out there at do 100% funding. And no wise guys please I'm a serious person and i take my Rehab every serious . Thank you

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Its hard to get started when you have no money to start with.. There should be a company that helps new investors 100%. Most people that want to get started in this NEED the 100% financing. I understand the lenders want to make their ROI but dang,Cant someone give us newbies a break so we can get a piece of the pie too. Im sure the borrower would be willing to compensate generously if just given the chance to be 100% backed up. Good Luck Carlos, Im in the same boat.. 


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