Your projects on hold and your equipment’s are not moving! Let's get your project back on track. I’m looking at deals to invest on within the range $100k min to max $10,000,000 both international and National, including real estate purchase loan, refinance loan, rehab, bridge loan, construction, single & multi family, commercial loans, loans for rental properties and development, proof of funds, etc... We have you covered be it long or short term financing.

Loans are up to 99% LTV (1% will be deducted for insurance) with 5% fixed annual Interest Rate and a Maximum of 25 years repayment term. Send me your proposal to get started.

Contact email:

Phone: 1(814) 876-5696


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can i get this deal nancyand steven lending club, italkedtoua long time ago but ilost my paperwork for you, can you helpme withthis look me up.i can buy land and houses, and resell it and pay you back vryquicly? canuhelpme godbles vancehunter, letmeknowsoon?vh?i agrree to terms above vh?

Hello Nick,

I sent you a friend request, so I can PM you about my project.



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