I am looking for a direct lender that can fund a purchase transaction in the British Virgin Islands. High net worth individual, private banking client. If you can or know of a direct lender that I can speak with, please reply.


Dana Korosi

Riverstone Capital Consultants

P - 216-322-4523


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Hi Dana,

I tried emailing you twice and it was returned.

My email is thecashflowanswer@gmail.com

I may be able to help.


I am Jordan David I am an investor and a private lender, I am interested in financing good business plans, we make construction funds, 100% JV Equity
I give out loans at 6%-12% and i do 100% funding. I can be able to help you get funded

Pre-Stabilized / Lease-Up
Re-Traded Loan Terms
Sponsor Credit Concerns
Cancelled Bank/CMBS Commitments

JDF lending program offers competitive terms with a high degree of flexibility – the proverbial box does not exist, which allows us to structure loans creatively and provides our borrowers with a broader offering of financing options. We lend on all property types, including specialty uses and land. In addition, we are not confined geographically, as we have the ability to lend in all 50 states – primary, secondary and tertiary markets
Contact us today

mobile:+1(805) 312-9839


Is your loan contract still available?  You can reach me at



We offer 85-90% funding.

Looking forward to hear from you.



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