I wanted to no if any of you out there ever received a loan from

Jerry Mike on this Website. I would like to no because i was

offered a loan from him  and I'm just afraid to take it. Because

i live in CT and he lives in Rhode Inland I ask the Gentleman

if i can meet him to give him my information that he needs like

My Bank account and information like that. The thing is that if

your lending out loans and the person lives across the border 

would-en you meet that person in person to no who your loan

is going to. Well to make a long story short. Gentleman told 

me no that he was busy and that he was in Florida at this time

please, and i looked for his business in his State and no name

showed up. please i hope I'm wrong about this. I really need

to get my business on the right track and moving. Can some one

tell me something  I'm not trying to be mean but i need to be careful

at the same time. And if the man is on the level then please forgive me. 



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Comment by Johnna Ripple on October 21, 2014 at 3:36pm

I have the same question, what did you find out?  I didn't see a response to your question.

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