Over the past 20 years I've had the opportunity to be involved in many business ventures,and I have written many articles in the past on various different subject matter, so I am not new to posting articles.

What is my most valuable business asset, well Ironically it is probably the same as everyone else's - Here it is......

Me and You - Who We Are!

Yes, i know that maybe the most complex topic in human existence, but I am going to suggest that we keep it straight to the point and only discuss one characteristic today. In business we all connect daily with several different people all of whom have different personalities with different goals. My life experiences have brought to me to a single conclusion, which of course is just my opinion, although it has worked well for me and many of my friends and associates, The conclusion is simply this, I am the creator of my life-that is Who I Am.

How do I implement this simple concept in my daily life? I wake up in the morning and I look into the mirror and I tell myself how awesome I am. I tell myself that today is a great day to be alive on this place we call earth. I tell myself that today will be filled with opportunities for me to be of service to many people, I start my day with an attitude of gratitude for life. I have been through great times and horrible times in my life, and what I have taken away from those experiences isn't failure, but more knowledge. What I have come to realize is that we are all humans, We all have weird beliefs about different aspects of daily life. And the way that I have been able to be happy the majority of the time, is by smiling at people and enjoying the moment without judging them for their actions.

Does this work all the time, absolutely not....... Do I feel frustrations throughout my day? Of course I do, I am Human. What I have been able to accomplish though, is to be able to feel frustration, keep my immediate reaction to myself, calm down quickly, think before I react, and turn a frustrating situation into an amicable situation, Sometimes I just have to walk away and find some space to take several deep, calming and relaxing breaths.(count to 10)

So, Who Am I

I am a human being who has learned to control my emotions most of the time. I am a human being who realizes that we are all on this ship-called Earth together. I understand that we are all different and have different opinions. I don't condone hatred in any way. I do my best not to allow myself to get frustrated with the actions of others. I don't blame anyone for my circumstances. I realize that everything in my life happens because of all of the choices and decisions I have made throughout my life.

I am the creator of how my daily experiences affect me. I smile, I laugh, I cry. I do my best to understand that each person I encounter throughout my day has their own challenges in life. By simply understanding this one small concept, I can accept that we are all human beings, with human emotions. I can smile and move on through my day being happy. I have found in business, that this attitude has opened up several great opportunities.

The question now - Who Are You

Be the creator of your day. Look in the mirror everyday and become the great person that is smiling back at you. Then go out and help somebody else smile and be happy. Enjoy the experiences of life and create more opportunities for success.

Create Your Best Day Everyday


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