Some consultants claim to be all about providing you the best services there are. Some are rude and short, others can be long winded and pointless! My question is who do you really work for, your client or yourself? 

Let's be honest.... Don't we really work for whomever is home when we awake in the AM? Even if it is just you, then that's alright as well. But when we come in contact with a potential client why do the dance about I'm the best and here for you until you discover they do not fit your business model. 

I try to share exactly what I need so that I will not waste anyone's time of have them to waste mine for that matter. I believe in cutting to the chase. We do not have to tap dance and pretend to be cordial until we know that we have a means to continue with a relationship.

The real answer to the question is "we work for the good of the industry!"  A building is not a bad building it is the people who frequents a building which gives it a reputation. The same is true for the industry of which you are engaged.

My suggestion is to set a standard in your business. When you do then your clients, friends and coworkers will all begin to work for you! It's called Referrals...   And that comes with being the absolute best you can to address the needs of those who call on you for the services that you provide.

I take pride in being recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Small Business Champion!

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