My name is Denise Josephs, I Am A Financier and I Am EVP of High Rises LLC

The Topic for This Post Is:

A) What Do Lenders, Investors and Borrowers All Have In Common

What I found in most of my conversations and generally across the board with most Lenders, Investors and Borrowers is that they all share the exact same desire when it comes to their Investment Capital.

1) Firstly, Preservation of their Investment Capital

2) Secondly, Little to No Risks of their Investment Capital

3) Thirdly, Above average returns that are consistent, safe and secure and they would really like their Investment Capital collateralized and have the protection equal to the strength of Fort Knox :)

B) In addition to that, Lenders, Investors and Borrowers

On a more deeper, meaningful and purposeful level, they desire to be the artist that paints their own financial canvas that reflects their wealth dreams and goals that they deem to attain by being a master over their monies and not for their monies to be the master over them.

Most decidedly they want to dictate to their capital what they want their capital to do for them, rather than their capital dictating to them what they can and cannot do or accomplish. This maybe the biggest challenge for most Lenders, Investors and Borrowers.

C) Why Is This A Challenge for Most Lenders, Investors and Borrowers?

1) They may feel that they have a limited amount of reliable resources or options to garnering more capital for their endeavors.

2) They may deem the tasks of finding the additional capital needed to take their business to another level too onerous and a challenging experience just to meet the criteria needed and may lack the relationships to do so. In addition they may also fear failure not to meet those requirements for an infusion of capital for their business.

3) On a much more subconscious level they may be creating an Illusionary reality and perception of a Lack of Abundance on a mental level, which will reflect on a more physical level and reality as a Lack of Money, not realizing that there is no Lack of Money, which is just an Illusionary perception of Lack in their mindsets.

D) Let Me Be More Specific By Expanding On The Challenges For Lenders, Investors and Borrowers!!!!

In the Case of A Lender or Investor the challenges are:

1) Preservation of Capital – To Hedge The Risks

2) Liquidity of Capital

3) Having Enough Capital To Fund Larger Loans

4) Even In the Case of A Qualified Borrower, the time and legal expense to recuperate their capital in an Adverse situation

E) In the Case of A Borrower the challenges are:

1) Preservation of the Investment Seed Capital.

2) Having enough of their own Investment Seed Capital, Enough Experience and Great Credit to Qualify for Funding.

3) Dealing with the challenges of the myriad of Criteria for qualification from any lender for them to fund their project.

4) Lastly, having to do all that Due Diligence and Research to Find the Right Project to Invest in that would make any Lender eager to Lend.

In Conclusion:

If you are a Lender, Investor or Borrower, these challenges are easily solvable with

My Company High Rises LLC.

At High Rises LLC, we have many Unique, Out of the Box- Value Added-Services designed to meet the Individual Needs of most Lenders, Investors and Borrowers.

In the Case of A Lender facing the Above Challenges, we provide a Value-Added Service of Collateral Enhancement that is a Unique Additional Collateralization for their Investment Capital before they fund any project. We also will address the challenge of Liquidity of Capital by providing more Capital that any Lender needs to fund more projects to their end borrowers.

For Those Who Are Interested In Becoming a Private Lender, We show and teach you how you can become a Private Lender and have your Capital Investment get extra protection through our unique collateralization service above and beyond the first-lien position.

In the Case of a Borrower and Investor, we provide a Value-Add Service of Credit Enhancement that is a Unique Additional Credit Enhancement that will make any Lender eager to fund your project.

For More Information, feel free to contact me, Denise Josephs, EVP of High Rises LLC at 347-966-4805 ext 501 Mondays through Fridays from 11am to 3pm Est.

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Comment by Naima Lynah on August 24, 2014 at 1:18pm

This was a very good post.  It touched on many of the thoughts that I have had as a new investor in real estate.  In my case as a newbie to the real estate investment arena I do lack the relationships to get my projects off the ground.  After attending seminars that want $30 - $40 thousand to get aboard (which I don't have) and listening to many webinars and tapes, I am more than ready to get started and I know as you have stated that there is no lack of money but for me there is a lack of relationships.  Thank you for the insightful posting.


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