We are looking for CRE Acquisition financing or offering top investment opportunities structured as equity investment

We are looking for CRE Acquisition financing or offering top investment opportunities structured as equity investment might be interesting for private money investors,REITS, or alternatively as a interest only balloon or bullet loan, paid off at the 3rd Year for funding the acquisition of a diversified mixed real estate portfolios containing of existing already income producing residential multifamily, retail, office properties in the Southeast, the investment or balloon loan will be solely backed by the CRE with top return on investmet to bridge the gap between the acqusisition of the income producing properties and a later merger to be listed on OTCB and PIPE investor financed eventually.

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Comment by Reginald Truss on March 3, 2015 at 6:33pm

Commercial loans available for acquisitions, re-fi and bridge loans


All commercial property types USA based.  NO up front fees.

Acquisition and re-fi loans start at 3.5%.  Typically 60 days to close +/-, Various fixed and amortization terms.  Bridge loans/soft money bridge to perm start at 6%.  3-10 days to close +/- 30 days typical.


Qwner occupied or non.  NNN, STNL, MTNL, multifamily, office, malls, and mixed use as well as most other commercial real estate.  Nationwide.  From 4%.


Re-fi/cash out.


Hard money bridge to perm for difficult scenarios, BK, liens, etc.  Starting at 7%.


Large scale oil/gas straight debt or debt/equity combo loans, straight buy-outs considered above $50M.


Send the following information:


Property type

Location city/state

Purchase or re-fi amount

Amount of down payment if an acquisition, or for a re-fi, original mortgage amount and incept year and current balance.  We do not  shop loans.  We only issue an engagement agreement after we have basic information and determine we have at least one lender interested in your loan request, based upon information you provide.


Experienced buyers-be prepared to send financials and full package.


BK, foreclosures, tax lien scenarios considered on case by case basis.  We have solutions for most situations.  Please disclose any and all problems, conundrums and potential obstacles up front so we can match your loan to the most qualified lender.


Also available:  access to debt capital markets for large capital amounts over $100M.  No up front fees.  Contact reggie@michaellewisgroup.com. To see other products http://michaellewisgroup.com.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Reggie Truss

The Michael Lewis Group






Comment by Simmy Ahluwalia on January 16, 2015 at 11:48am

Eric, shoot me an email with your debt financing needs:  Info@SimsCapital.biz.  Let me know the types of properties your company is seeking to acquire. 

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