Rehab Loans are available for the following areas: MD,VA or Washington, DC

Send email to:privatemoneywithtrina@gmail.com with "REHAB" in the subject line and your NAME,PHONE AND BEST EMAIL as well OR CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED NOW

Please no other info is needed yet. $$$$$$$$$$$ REHAB FUNDING AVAILABLE NOW $$$$$$$$$$$$

 - Any loan amount
 - Equity-based lending program
 - Zero pre-payment penalties
 - Zero monthly mortgage payments
 - First trust – First lien position only
 - Borrower credit is not considered
 - No employment verification
 - No minimum credit score requirement
 - Loan Approval within 48 Hours
 - Fast closings (usually within 10-14 days)

Typical Loan Parameters:

 - Up to 60% LTV based on ARV
 - 12% to 16% Interest
 - 4 to 6 Points
 - 6-month balloon note (longer terms possible)
 - Repair money in escrow and released in draws
 - Experience is not required for approval

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