Wall Street quality Real Estate Evaluation software

We provide a comprehensive and in depth Investment Property Analysis report for your residential or commercial real estate property in an easy to read excel spreadsheet format. This spreadsheet can be drafted to be used for your personal use or prepared for investor quality presentations.

This analysis allows you to effectively determine the following metrics:
1. accurate operating income & expenses
2. mortgage analysis/ projections
3. cash outlay for purchases or refinance
4.proper cash reserves to hold ( amount, type and hold times)
5. break even and points calculation
6. 1st year ratios (Cap rate. GRM & DCR)
7.Projected performance ratios(before/after tax IRR, holding term & resale price
8. Cash flow and equity summary
9. Proceeds of Sale ( cost of sale, capital gains & after tax cash)

The analysis tool we provide will enable you to accurately and quickly determine the merits of the property from a birds eye view down to a granular level. This allows you to make quality decisions on your property with precision and confidence.....the precision and confidence of a seasoned wall street investment banker.!

There is 10% discount available to all new subscribers to our investors blog on our webpage.

Contact us to day to find out how to purchase this valuable tool and put it to work for you!!

GWF Capital Holdings


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