*Personal Term Loan *

600+ Credit Score Between Three Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion)

DTI (Debt To Income) Ratio Must Be Under 40%

Must Show 20K+ Taxable Income


Advantage Points:

* Liquid Capital Deposited Into Account Within 5-7 Days

*Consolidate And Refinance Credit Card Debt

* No Collateral

* Retired Applicants Approved

* $5,000-$300,000 Funding Range

*Interest Range 6%-20%

*Helps Build Personal Credit Stronger (Reports Personally)

*3-5-7 Year Terms




*Revenue Based Loan*

Program Goes Up To $2MM 

Liquid Cash Deposited Into Your Account Within 2-3 Business Days

No Collateral

No Credit Requirement

Receive Up To 100% Of Your Average Monthly Deposits 

Up To 18 Month Terms

Daily/Weekly Payment Options

Businesses With Tax Liens And Personal Bankruptcies Dismissed Over A Year Approved


*Business Line Of Credit*
Program goes up to 300K

Receive Business Credit Cards Within 30 Days Of The Submitted Application

No Collateral


  • Above 700 Credit Score Between Three Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion)
    •Under 30% Credit Utilization
    •Minimal Inquiries
    •No Late Payments For At Least 6 Months
    •No Public Records
    •No Collections

*Cards come at 0% Interest For The First Year However There are Points Associated Which Will Be Deducted From The Cards Upon Receiving Them

*Program Is Contingent Off Of Building Businesses Credit Not Personal Credit

*The Higher The Credit Extended Personally The Higher The Amount Approved

*Profitable Businesses Over The Last Two Years It Will Be Eligible For An Additional 50K-150K Check Book Paper Line (Last 2 Years Of Business Tax Returns Required)




Please email the loan request to milford@commercialmortgagecap.com and a one page application will be emailed to you. Brokers and Principals are invited to inquire. Our telephone number is 541-632-3560 

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