Unsecured funding agents needed!

Hi All.

Looking for unsecured funding agents. Get funds for your customers using ONLY a credit report for qualifying (680 credit or 600 with military affiliation) and the shortest, quickest loan app I've ever seen. From $20k to $225k. AND we have "Covid relief" biz loans up to $500k at 3,75% for 30 years with on payments for 18 months!

Cookie cutter program. Typically 2 weeks to get funded on credit report only loans and 2 weeks to 70 days for the biz loans.

You earn 3 points on fundings. Bring in only 3 deals a month at about $80k each and earn and extra $7k per month. My average time, with each customer, in each closing, is about 15 to 30 minutes, because the company does 95% of the work!

If you want to add "easy" to your daily grind of (usually very complicated) real estate loans this might be for you. Ask and I'll send you the very easy, no pain format and overview.

All the best.

David Kindopp



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