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Hi Friends.

Just looking at posts over the last 90 days. I wanted to recognize some of the top members on this website:

Lisa Verholtz

Forest Tardibuono

Richard Milford

Peter Muller

Lisa is a Mortgage Broker in Texas. I have personally trained her on how to provide fast and efficient funding to real estate investors in need. She knows hard money very well and can be a great asset to anyone that needs their transaction completed.

Forest is a top lender in California. If you need fast funding in his state, message him here on the site and he can do a fantastic job for you!

Richard is a Commercial Broker in Oregon. He provides commercial and construction funding Nationwide.

Pete is a real estate investor in Nebraska and a personal friend of mine. He is determined to own every single rental property on the east coast. Just started this year and already knows more about real estate investing than many life long investors.

Thank you all for being good members of the Real Estate Finance Website. I appreciate your support!


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Comment by Lisa Verholtz on August 6, 2020 at 10:29am

Thank you so much!

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