A great little deal with Big Promise

Tell them all to call me while it is still on the stove.

This is too good and it wont last a week Located Near a Church and on a corner .  This could be your next rental property. Do not go to sleep on this.

Reading over the contract in the morning. Doing the due diligence.  This makes a lot of sense. 

We have looked at other properties; we feel this is a good place to invest in your long term - get paid each month or sell it and reinvest in another.

This is a three bedroom in a family community. Wait. it is too late to talk now... I will send you email on this if you ask me.  I will get a look inside pretty soon. In my heart I would love to keep it and grow awesome green grass and flowers.

I'll call my landscape artist.

Have a great day and send me an email.

contact me at wishona@gmail.com

7027016908 cell


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