The Impossible Funded Daily – Miracles Funded on Request!

Have you been turned down for funding once or more and you don’t want to try again because you think you know what the answer is going to be?

Here is an example of something that the answer might not be what you think. A family lived in a house in the country and one day a father & son decided to drive into town for some supplies, as they drove down the dirt road a deer ran out of the woods and across the road and the father swerved to miss the deer lost control and went off the road & hit a tree and the father was killed instantly.

Someone heard the crash and called 911, soon an ambulace was at the crash and pulled the severaly injuried boy out of the car and rushed him to the hospital and directly into the operating room.

The Surgeon rushed in and looked down at the boy and said I cant Operate on the boy! The nurse asked the Surgeon why not? The Surgeon said because that’s my son! (How can this be?)


“See answer below but try to figure it out first”


The Moral of the story is you might not always know what the answer might turn out to be!



The Impossible Funded Daily – Miracles Funded on Request!


Hello from Voss Solutions


Our Private Equity Partners and Joint Venture Partners and Private Investors and Direct Lenders can and do fund projects of all types Nationwide as well as Worldwide.



If you need funding just send us an email at and explain your funding needs and then we will send you our required documents and instructions needed to move forward.


*Just to let you know, our very large & time-tested funding network (many of our funding partners have been funding our clients for over a decade) our funding partners are daily, funding most types of funding needs and conducting business as usual!


*Please visit our website for details at www.VossSolutions.Co



 Email: info@VossSolutions.Co


Call Us: 949-682-9235 (California Office)  



Answer to the story:


Answer: The Surgeon was the boys Mother……..


 Voss Solutions – The Impossible Funded Daily – Miracles Funded on Request!


Or Alt  :  info@vosssolutions.Co

Website: www.VossSolutions.Co

Or Alt : ;


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