Hi I'm Tom Wiser, Realtor/Investor in Nashville TN.  I have two properties under contract in East Nashville being the hottest area in town.  1. Purchase price of 155k needing 120k in renovations and worth 400k after repair value.  2. Purchase Price 95k needing 15k in repairs worth 160k after repair value.  I plan to hold this property for cash flow.  Will rent from 1350 to 1425 per month.

The link below is to my latest rehab.  I've been partnering with trusted people but I'm tired of giving up half the profit.  I purchased the below property for 155k and put 60k into it financed traditionally through a bank.


Please contact me.  Tom Wiser, Realtor/Investor 615-828-4929 tom.wiser@gmail.com www.shopnashvilleproperties.com

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