Have:  1350 sf ranch home with full basement, garage, horse barnd on 5 acres.


Want $50k securedd by first mortgage on this property.  ARV $125k


Wayne Stegeman


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Comment by Bill Herrera, Ph.D. on November 12, 2012 at 7:19pm

Thank you for your offering Wayne, please note that we rarely buy wholesale properties, or lend money on an interest basis only, especially for fix-hold projects.

We are a nationwide private lender with unlimited funds willing to take experienced rehabbers to a new level.  How many fix-flip deals can you do per month ?  In most cases we lend up to $50,000 (more after 1st deal) to purchase and/or rehab a SFR (1 to 4 units), and we will never lend over 65% ARV. In return we ask for 1st trust deed on this, or other, property recorded in our name, with an exit plan of  ~3 months (fix-flip only), and a profit sharing split in equity, usually 50-50, at the close of escrow.

If this sounds interesting to you then please email me more information including the attached Request for Funding form.  Thank you very much for your email, bill@herrerarealty.com    www.herrerarealty.com

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