seeking contractual Representation Agreement with UHNWI's, family Offices, proven Capital Sources for funding/investment opportunities

I have 42 years experience in the Financial Industry, 30+ years funding from my own balance sheet.

I offer consulting, project/principal analysis, funding structure analysis, underwriting, risk/loss mitigation analysis and funding for commercial projects national (USA) and International.  $20M usd and up , no limit. I am direct and gatekeeper to my closed P.E./Lender groups and currently have over $6Bn in various project funding requests.  Most any venue of project is considered as long as there is cash equity in and cash reserve funds available.

If you are willing to verify your financial status, and recent funding ability, are the "pen" in UHNWI, Hedge Fund, Family Office , P.E. or other direct capital source and have interest in partnering up contractually, for qualified successful project funding opportunities contact me direct at

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