Seed Capital & Credit Program for Real Estate Investors

Are you a brand-new Real Estate Investor looking for capital you can use to secure properties? Are you an experienced Real Estate Investor looking to expand your holdings but lack the needed funds to move forward with your plans? If you answered YES we have a solution for you. We call it the “Real Estate Seed Capital & Credit Program”.

Our program is a time tested and successful program that will help you obtain the capital and credit your business needs in an expedited time-frame. The program utilizes two separate phases.

Phase Number One: (Time Frame Approximately 10-45 days)
In this phase we apply for stated income, unsecured lines of credit and any alternative financing options available to you. We start by completing a detailed funding analysis on you and your business. This will help us determine exactly what types of credit lines are available to you and where we will go to obtain these credit lines. Once the funding analysis is completed, you will be assigned a dedicated funding advisor who will work with you to obtain cash lines of credit for your business. We have well established working relationships with traditional banks, SBA lenders, private investment firms, venture capital firms, angel investors and 50+ alternative financing lenders to help your business. Use our expertise and long standing relationships with funding partners to help capitalize your business!

Phase Number Two: (Time Frame Approximately 2-5 months)
While working in Phase One, we will also start the second phase simultaneously. In this phase clients will create a business credit file, history and credit score for their business entity, separate from their personal credit. We will separate your personal credit and establish business credit for your entity. We want your business to stand on it’s own and become fundable using its own merits. We make your business look the way lenders, vendors and leasing companies want your business to look like in order to obtain credit lines. In a few short months your business will create and earn a Paydex Score. This is similar to a FICO score for your business! Along the way you’ll open useful vendor accounts, obtain Net 30 accounts, and apply for business credit cards. These accounts can be used for products and services needed to move your venture forward. None of these will utilize any personal credit information or personal credit guarantees.

Once your business earns a good business credit score you will be flooded with pre-approved offers from leasing companies, vendors, lenders and business credit card companies. No longer will you be worried about obtaining or lacking access to credit or capital for your business.

To get started please call us at (888) 930-3500 and speak with one of our advisors who will fully explain this program.

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