Residential & Commercial Loans Nationwide!

We have several Funding Programs that are being offered by our Private Banking Relationships.

Residential Purchase: $200K - $499K: 3% Interest
Residential Refinancing: $200K & Up: 3% Interest
Rehab Loans: Residential & Commercial: $200K 3% and up Interest
Blanket Loans: 5% Interest
Foreign Nationals Loans: 3% Interest
HELOCS: 3% Interest
Lines of Credit, Asset Based: $2M minimum : 2%and up Interest
NOO Properties: 250K & Up: 8% I/O
Private Money Loans for Investment Property & Projects: $1M minimum: 8% I/O

Land Loans for development purposes & Super Jumbo Loans can be used as cross commercialization with other assets for 100% financing.

Please provide us with the property address and your Executive Summary along with your
capital requirements and your Exit Strategy.

Programs are available in all countries.

Send in your loan request

or call (920)605-9372 to speak with a specialist.

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