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April 2021 update - 

* Rates cut up to 145 bps - lowest rates ever!  No increase in rates since January

* 5-8 units MFR now available with Rental 360 pricing and guidelines!

* Short-term rental LTVs raised!  Normal LTVs- no rental history required 

* 80 LTV Purchase, R/T refi and 75 LTV Cash-Out now available

* No DSCR and I/O product now available in all of our states

* Among the lowest rates and highest LTVs in the industry.
* No NMLS required except CA and AZ

 No Doc Loans.
Our guidelines are entrepreneurial not institutional.  Short-term/Vacation Rentals are allowed with no rental history or 1007 required!  We've built the quickest, easiest 30 year Non-QM landlord loan in the industry. No limit on cash-out, no LTV reduction for loan amount or  2-4 units or non-warrantable condos. 


Gregory Wade

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