Real Estate Credit Lines
$300,000 To 2,000,000

Here Are A Few Of The Beneffits

· Approvals between $300k and $2M+
· Low interest rates
· Low origination Fee
· Line of credit approved without collateralization
· LOC functions as “Proof of Funds” letter
· Investor is underwritten ONCE and can close on multiple deals

How do YOU qualify?

Experience: Completed three (3) deals in the last 24 months ( active rental investments count as a deal)
Liquidty: & 50K in liquidity for Line approval that is equal to 5X liquidity. Liquidity is checking & savings accounts, IRA 401K, Life insurance cash value, stocks, ect.
Credit: Minimum score requirement is 660. The better your credit, the lower your rate.

In order to provide you with as official conditional approval, please provide the following:
A copy of your Credit report
2 statements for every account you want for liquidity verification
Completed Real Estate tracking Record ( I must attach for you to complete
Contact me

Gregory Wade

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