Real Estate Credit Lines $300,000 To 2,000,000

The Financial Blueprint To Your Success
Are you experienced real estate investor looking for capital at an incredibly low rate? Are you tired of submitting your deals to hard money lenders and being re- evaluated, wasting time, energy, and resources? The Real Estate Acquisition Line of credit is a financial tool the RE investor use to purchase, rehab, and rent/flip real estate. It can not only save you time and headaches of constantly waiting for hard money to be approved, but also save you tens of thousands of dollars a year in points and interest!

Here Are A Few Of The Beneffits

· Approvals between $300k and $2M+
· Low interest rates
· Low origination Fee
· Line of credit approved without collateralization
· LOC functions as “Proof of Funds” letter
· Investor is underwritten ONCE and can close on multiple deals

How do YOU qualify?

Experience: Completed three (3) deals in the last 24 months ( active rental investments count as a deal)
Liquidty: Line approval is equal to 5X liquidity. Liquidity is checking & savings accounts, IRA 401K, Life insurance cash value, stocks, ect.
Credit: Minimum score requirement is 660. The better your credit, the lower your rate.

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Gregory Wade

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