Need funding for bulk single family residences short term in the amount of $175,000 for one project for 12 months. Need $365,000 for a project to purchase bulk single family homes for 12 months. Exit strategy is to fix and flip or refinance at the end of the year or 12 months. Deals are to close by July 31, 2013. Also, need capital to purchase land and complete construction of homes in California. Please contact me at or call me at 324-447-3188 if you have interest in funding these projects.

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Comment by Lee Roseboro on July 18, 2013 at 6:54am

Project Funding Needs

Need funding for Storage Building purchase.  50% occupancy.  Need $100,000 for 60 months or $400,000 and share income.  Exit strategy is to update $50,000 and increase occupancy to 90% then refinance and hold for monthly cash flow or flip at the end of five years.  Deal is to close by August 19, 2013.  Please contact me at or call me at 704-249-3155 or  828-238-1696 if you have interest in funding this projects.

Comment by Israel Castillo on July 8, 2013 at 11:58am


I just tried calling but it was not a working #. I've sent you an email as well.

Comment by Candice Campbell on July 5, 2013 at 11:09am

Hard Money, Private Money, FHA, or Conventional Loans up to 80% LTV/ARV depending on your project.

- No Upfront Fees
- Interest Payments Only
- Payment Options 1-5 year options
- Close in 3- 10 days
- Needed Credit Report (within 60Days) and Stated Income (Within 30 days)
Need a financial lifeline. We are proud to offer these services with a umbrella of protection for your security purpose only of a law group of professionals that's been established since 1988, and enjoy helping assisting others with
>Non-owner occupied up to 80% LTV/ARV
>Owner Occupied up to 65% LTV/ARV
*Hard Money 
  1. Score doesn't matter. the higher the score the less the interest rate will be.  For example an 650 score interest rates   will range from 8-11%
  2. Down Payment 10%-20%  depending on your credit
*FHA or Conventional 
  1. 620 scores and higher 
  2. Down payment 2%-3% depending on your scores.
Docs needed
(For 1m loans and up will need an executive summary)
Application filled out
Copy of Drivers License
Copy of voided
Copy of Check stubs (30 days)
Copy of Bank Statement (30 days)
Credit Report (no more than 60 days)

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