We have a portfolio of Lenders that include everything from SBA, HUD, Insurance Companies, to Private Lender Groups (some with the willingness to JV on the equity portion if the project is strong enough). Moshe & Associates Funding Group and our affiliates have a combined experience in the Financing field of over 70 years. We bring to the table institutional experience, residential mortgage, as well as business ownership (franchise, real estate, hotel, hotel management, mortgage brokerage). 

We have a preferred status with most of our Lenders because we originate and sometimes partially underwrite all of our files. This includes back ground checks on all principals, legal workup of the project and principals, CPA assistance with all of the projections/proforma numbers. 

Although we take a look at a variety of projects, we specialize in Assisted Living, Hospital, Clinics, Multi-Family, Student Housing, Hotels, Resorts, and Multi-Use. We have the most success with projects that have strong principals, who are willing to participate in the process to obtain their funding. The principals must have experience in the field of the project (or a strong management team), and strong financials. Even though most of our Lenders are Non-Recourse the financial status of the Borrower is strongly considered! 

Currently our lending groups are offering  everything from construction to mini-perm, refinance and purchase loan options. We have 3 Month to 6 Month closing time frames (even with HUD!). 

We do work with Financial Institutions as well, but have found that our clients much prefer the options that are available from our other Lenders in our portfolio. The biggest advantage is the Non-Recourse availability, so truly the project stands on its own.

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