NEW! Unsecured Lines of Credit and working capital loans up to 1,500,000 Nationwide

Commercial Business Financing and Commercial real estate mortgage financing  NATIONWIDE

Commercial Financing and Business Loans  Commercial Mortgages  Construction Loans

Working Capital Loans and Unsecured Lines of Credit up to 1,500,000  Nationwide

Unsecured Line Of Credit/Term Loan/AR Factoring Programs

*Unsecured Traditional Line Of Credit*

680+ Credit Score Between Three Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion)

DTI (Debt To Income) Ratio Must Be Under 40%

Must Show 50K Taxable Income Over The Past 2 Years

Advantage Points:

Liquid capital deposited into account

* No collateral

* No minimum length of time is business

* $20,000-$300,000 Funding Range

*Interest range 6%-15%

*Helps build personal credit stronger (reports personally)

*5-7 year terms

What we need:

Will need copies of credit reports showing credit scores of 680 and above or all credit bureaus

2 Years Of Business Tax Returns

*Unsecured Business Line Of Credit*

*Requirements •Above 700 Credit Score •Under 30% Credit Utilization •Minimal Inquiries •No Late Payments For At Least 6 Months •No Public Records •No Collections

**Program Is Contingent Off Of Building Businesses Credit Not Personal Credit

***The Higher The Credit Extended Personally The Higher The Amount Approved

****If The Business Has Turned A Profit Over The Last Two Years It Will Be Eligible For An Additional 50K-150K Check Book Paper Line (Last 2 Years Of Business Tax Returns Required)

*****The Business Will Receive The Unsecured Line Of Credit Within 30 Days Of The Submitted Application

*Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Loans*

*Benefits: • We Typically Provide Our Clients With NON-Recourse Factoring. • All Setup Fees Are Taken From First Funding, So No Out Of Pocket Risk To Our Client. • Our solutions Provide Working Capital Cash Quickly Allowing Our Clients To Cover Business Expenses, Pay Suppliers And Cover Payroll. • Our Financing Criteria Is NOT Based On Client Credit Score, Or Length Of Time In Business • We Can Also Fund Sub-Contractors And Many Construction Related Clients. • We Can Consider Funding Foreign Transactions (with Credit Insurance Approval). • Fast Decisions - For Many Clients, We Can Provide Closing/Legal Docs, And Start Funding Within 1 Business Week Or Less. • Pay 941 / State Taxes, Grow New Business, improve Cash Flow Now.

What we need Articles Of Incorporation A/R Aging report Purchase Order Contracts And/Or Invoices 4 most Recent Business Bank Statements

Our programs include but are not limited to:

Working Capital Loans

Construction Loans for residential and commercial projects

Asset Based Loans

Unsecured/Secured Business Lines of Credit

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Invoice Factoring

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Credit Inquiry Removal

Debt Consolidation

Acquisition & Development Loans

If your interested in an Unsecured Loan (Merchant Cash Advance/Consolidation/Unsecured Business Line of Credit) please email your 6 most recent business bank statements. Our Unsecured Business Line of Credit programs  minimum of a 680 credit score however a minimum of 700 will be of greater benefit. If you are interested in our Invoice Factoring program please provide: Articles Of Incorporation, Please email us for application and other needed information to begin processing. For invoice factoring no minimum credit score  its primarily based on the quality of the receivable and the company owing you the money.

AR Report, and 4 Months Of Business Bank Statements. Our Purchase Order loan program requires a copy of the contract of the order being purchased. Our Secured Loan programs (Collateral Asset-based/Line of Credit/Hard Money Real Estate Loan/ARV Loan/Small Business Advance/Traditional Bank Loan)

Please email your loan request to and our website is ; and the telephone is 541-632-3560

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