New Construction And Flip Lines of Credit With 620 FICO

Do you have enough capital to do all your deals? If not look at the terms on this real estate line of credit and see if the high ltv plus decent hard money terms would make sense for you.

Up to 90% purchase and 95% rehab on flip

Up to 75% land purchase price and 100% build on new construction

75% of ARV

620+ fico

$50k minimum loan per property

Rates typically 8-10%

Points typically 3.5% (may be higher on small deals)

Must have 1 verifiable completed flip or build in last 24 months or 1 active rental

At least $50k liquid assets including cash, retirement, stocks, etc

Combine with business lines of credits to really ramp up your business

Can be used for:
1-4 family
5-20 family
condo, townhomes, puds


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