Need Funds For Your Business? Business Loan Consultant Cracks the Code to a 95% Loan Approval Rate!

I hate to brag but, I did research on all the businesses that obtained business financing through our company and found the secret to our success. 95% of the businesses that qualified for financing met the following requirements:

1. The Companies were in business at LEAST 1 year and were located in the United States.

2. The Companies were all CURRENTLY generating at LEAST $200,000 in Gross Annual Revenue.

3. If the Companies had any Bankruptcies (Business or Personal), they were discharged for at LEAST a period of 1 year.

4. The Companies were NOT in the business of Real Estate, Investments or Property Management.

5. The Companies did NOT have to provide any Personal Information to Apply, NO Personal Guaranty was required and NO Asset were used as Collateral.

How did YOUR business stack up? If you met the above requirements then, YOU ARE ALREADY PRE-QUALIFIED!

For more information or to SEE HOW MUCH MONEY YOUR COMPANY CAN GET  Click Here or visit

Thank You,

Mike Haines

Business Loan Consultant

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