Need funding? Look no further. We are direct private bridge lenders!

Streit Lending–Direct Private Bridge Lending. 1st & 2nd TD. Major MSAs in CA, Western, Midwestern & Southern US. $1m-$5m Loan Amts. Loans Funded Using the Streit Family Balance Sheet. Quick Closing.


  • Property Type: Residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial properties.
  • Loan Types: Acquisitions, Refinances, Rehabs, Bank Turn-Downs, Discounted Note Payoffs, REO Purchases, Bankruptcy Exits, Ground-Up Construction (CA only) and more.
  • Loan to Value: Generally up to 60%. Higher selectively.


Please contact Auri Streit - (818) 787-6940 or

Visit our website:


Streit Lending is the bridge lending business affiliated with the Streit Family.  Streit Lending provides borrowers with direct access to private capital through the financial strength and liquidity of the Streit Family. All loans are funded using the Streit Family balance sheet. Streit Lending has the ability to close quickly and without relying on third parties to get loans funded. Our goal is to provide quick, transparent and stress-free closings to help our borrowers execute their business plans without the headaches and months-long waiting period associated with conventional loans. Streit Lending, together with the Streit Family, has over 30 years of bridge lending and real estate investment experience.





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