Come spend the day with us in Downers Grove, IL and learn from an ACTIVE Investor with over 1,500 doors.

John “Johnny-D” Dessauer is an entrepreneur, Internet radio show co-host, and author of “Real Estate H2O” and “The Alchemy of Wealth.” John is a self-made millionaire, dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence so they, too, can achieve their dreams. Through that dedication, he enjoys teaching students his strategies for success in real estate.

After a highly successful sales career in the environmental industry, John quit his corporate sales position in 2000 to establish his own national environmental company, ICON Development. Capitalizing on his experience and knowledge in the industry, John grew this company to exceed $5 million in gross revenues in the first 14 months!

At the same time, John became inspired to create passive income and achieve complete, financial freedom and thus founded a real estate investing and property-management Corporation. Through innovative and creative investing techniques that he developed, John turned this company into a million-dollar business in just over a year. His specialty and expertise includes investing and profiting in multi-family housing units. John has refined the art of forced appreciation. “Investing is all about strategy and designing the appropriate strategy to meet your dreams.”

After developing two multi-million-dollar companies, John embarked on his third successful company, teaching real estate investing as your gateway to life freedoms. John has expanded his business to include delivering educational, inspirational, and motivational products and presentations on investing and developing your freedoms. 

John’s goal is to help people invest in real estate with an outcome that positively changes their lives and brings about their life dreams. “I’m doing this because it’s more than just money. The big payoff for me is time; I can leverage my time a lot more with our real estate company and be able to teach other people to do what I did – to develop both their passive and monthly residual incomes. Once they have this financial freedom, all they will have to decide is what to do with all the time they will have and whether it’s to spend it with a loved one, to develop a new business, to help people who are less fortunate, to travel, etc. The fun comes in when they’re making these decisions.”
John has a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Business Administration from St. Ambrose University, in Davenport, Iowa.

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