I would like to take advantage of today's black Friday blast special for $45.  How do I remit payment?  Below is the message.

New Funding Opportunity:

Calling all investors… Has your recent flip flopped?.....Has your diamond rehab turned into a dog?  Do you just want out?  Property won’t sell and you prefer not to rent?  Then we should talk.  We have cash available for completed or almost completed rehabs.  We want to buy pretty houses.  Initial screening criteria includes B to C level properties where A is luxury and D is war zone, section 8 or  other wise bottom of the barrel properties.  We prefer 1,000 to ~2,500 sq. ft. properties.  Rehabs must be permitted and inspection approved.  If you want out, let’s do a deal!  Email Dee at rvahousesol@gmail.com

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Comment by Admin on November 26, 2016 at 8:51pm

The $45 promotion ended Friday Nov. 25. If you would like to send out a message, feel free to inbox me here.

Thank you.


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