I am search of an mentor to assist in the transition of my business. I have a strong work ethic and have managed to be successful over past years in other ventures. As the market has transitioned away from the REO/ Property preservation side to a shortage of foreclosures (and listing in local marketplace). Now is the time for us to change focus.

Experienced in Rehabs while carrying the cost of them for 30-60 days, I have yet to execute one for our benefit. The work has always been to the benefit of the bank holding title.

What I am lacking is a true coach to assist in the expediting the learning curve. I would be willing to give a % of stock in my company to the mentor, so the time spent would allow gains to proposed mentor. 

Looking to begin the education in property investments here in California (High Desert). Property values have increased 18% in the past quarter and continue to project on same course over coming year. If you are interested in becoming my mentor please send me an email or call.

Ben Vinson



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