Mega Commercial Financing Source for Strong Project Requests in 2014

Principals Only:  Do you need a Business or Commercial Real Estate Loan?  Do you need a Commercial Construction Loan?  Timeframe for closing after all documentation has been presented to the lender:  60 – 90 Business Days!

Forget the 55 – 67 – 75% LTV/LTC,  I am direct to a lending source that can fund up to 99% LTV/LTC which means that you as the Principal(s) must have 1% Liquid Cash available.  If you do not have the 1% Cash then this is a non-starter. 

This is both a USA and International Program with a minimum request of $10 Million USA Dollars. 

Such high financial ratios require a lot of paperwork to document your proposal and I do not want to waste time for unqualified projects.  To see if your project fits, kindly send me your Executive Summary or fill out the survey at my website.

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