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Jeffrey Jones - Square Lake Capital

Jeffrey Jones is our current FEATURED MEMEBER on The Real Estate Finance Website!

Jeff has been in the commercial real estate lending business as a lender, bank President, commercial mortgage broker and real estate owner for over 30 years and has originated and funded over $1BILLIONin loans for his clients. Jeff has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics fromAlbion College and an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.

Jeff started his own commercial mortgage brokering company, Square Lake Capital Funding, in 2009 and initially worked with clients to assist them in renegotiating or paying off their bank loans during the recession. As the economy improved, he moved back into providing funding for many different types of commercial real estate for his clients including Multi-family, Industrial, Office, Retail, Self-Storage, Hospitality, Assisted Living, SFR Fix & Flip and Construction of SFR properties among other types of commercial real estate. Jeff’s company provides funding for acquisition, development, construction, and refinancing. Jeff has specialized in the $1 million to $10 million space for most property types. He also has specialized in SFR properties for both Fix & Flip and Buy and Hold for individual properties and portfolios of properties.

SQUARE LAKE CAPITAL provides:*CMBS from $1 million and up. Non-Recourse financing for Class A and B properties across the country. Fixed rates for up to 15 years in the 3’s at up to 30-year amortization.*Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHA for Multi-family from $1 million and up. Non-Recourse long term fixed rates from 3% for 10 years with a 30-year amortization.*Bridge lending for quick deals or deals with “hair” on them from $1 million. Rates and fees are deal dependent.*Construction lending for SFR up to 90% of total cost. Build to Rent lending up to 75% of total cost. *Commercial Construction lending for all property types. For more detail on the capabilities of Square Lake Capital please review the website at

Jeff is also on Linkedin and Facebook at“I have always believed in delivering exceptional service to my clients from the beginning all the way to the closing!!! I have the capability and experience to structure complex deals for my clients and I never charge a fee upfront. Please feel free to send me a note on your deal as I would be happy to assist you in any capacity.

Thank you,

Jeffrey S. Jones, Managing Director

Square Lake Capital Funding


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